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Cobabe Ranch

The Cobabe family is an integral part of the heritage of Wolf Creek.  It was in Wolf Creek that Dr. Alvin Cobabe, a one-time sheep rancher – turned medical doctor, installed the first ski rope tow near the mouth of Wolf Creek Canyon. A decade later his pioneering spirit gave birth to Powder Mountain Resort.


Over the last several years Wolf Creek and the Cobabe family have worked together to develop a portion of the ranch to enhance and benefit the Ogden Valley.


The larger parcels within Cobabe Ranch at Wolf Creek have been designed with a nod to the heritage of the original ranch. We have created covenants that allow for homeowners to have barns and horses to retain the rural nature of the area.


We are currently working on road infrastructure and lot improvements, and we anticipate home construction to begin in late 2023.

Cobabe Overview Oct 21 medium.png
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