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Water Recreation

The Ogden Valley is home to Pineview Reservoir, Causey Reservoir, and the Ogden River connecting the two lakes and running through the Ogden canyon to Ogden City. In the summer, these are the top places to be in Utah for all your water sports!

Pineview Reservoir 

The Ogden Valley is most known for 'The Lake' as locals call it, for it is centered right in the middle of The Valley and you will see its beauty every day driving past it. Pineview Reservoir is its name and water activities is its game. With its glistening fresh water, boating, water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, wake boarding, fishing, and playing on its beaches are the many things that are enjoyed on Pineview. Over the winter, the fun doesn't stop. You'll see that ice fishing is a popular hobby as well as a couple ice skaters.


CAUSEY Reservoir 

Not but 15-20 minutes away is a hidden beauty, Causey Reservoir. Nestled in steep valley canyons with sheer vertical walls and heavily forested areas, most of the area has the appearance of remote wilderness. You'll discover people canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing, and some cliff jumpers, though not encouraged for safety reasons. Motorized boats are not allowed.



You might see some kayakers or kids in inner tubes in some parts of the Ogden River but fishing is the common sport that you'll see coming from it. 


The South Fork of the Ogden River flows out of Causey Reservoir through the surrounding hills with large cottonwood stands, and into Pineview Reservoir. The South Fork’s relatively consistent flows and water temperatures produce excellent hatches and, at times, some rather large trout. Types of fish: brown trout, cutthroat trout and hatchery rainbow trout.

The Ogden River through Ogden Canyon below Pineview Reservoir is pure pocket water. You can usually count on at least one trout behind every rock. That doesn’t sound too impressive until you see how many rocks we’re talking about here.



There are several rental shops where you can get all your water sport gear and equipment, making sure that you get the most fun out your summer!

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